100 Poems

100 Poems
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100 Poems
by Andrew Gordon

100 poems is exactly what it is. These poems are in simple, easy to understand words. Andrew Gordon does not use big words that you will not understand. Any age will understand and enjoy these poems. They are tasteful and thoughtful to the thinking mind.

Some of the poems are “Anonymous Prayer,” “One Day,” “Two Cats In a Tree,” “Forget About Me,” “Find My Shoes,” “Saving The World,” “Story Of Love,” “Begin Again,” “How Does A Acorn Fly,” “I Choose You,” “Poet Deplomacy,” “Walk Across The Ocean,” “I Was Thinking,” “Define Me,” “Ideas,” “I Will Show You,” “Three Angles,” and “Pulitzer Prize.” Those are just a few of the poems in this book.

Andrew Gordon hopes you enjoy reading them as much as he enjoyed writing them.

About the Author: 100 Poems by Andrew Gordon was written in the last few months of the year 2013.

Andrew was born in 1967 in Nebraska and he now lives down south in Augusta, Georgia. He has two other books published. None of the books are the same. One is a play, one is a children’s book, and this is a poetry book.

(2015, Paperback, 182 pages)


[E-BOOK] 100 Poems
[E-BOOK] 100 Poems

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