The 21st Century Cowboy

The 21st Century Cowboy
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The 21st Century Cowboy
by Nadine Levin

Nadine loves taking pictures and has traveled all over the world photographing wildlife in Africa, the rainforest in Australia, beaches in the Caribbean and the volcanoes and flowers in Costa Rica. Her canvases can be found in homes, hotels and offices across the country as well as in a private wing of a hospital in New York. When Nadine met her husband in 1999, they began traveling to the Western U.S. a great deal where she discovered a strong passion for photographing cowboys and the American West landscape. Taking pictures from horseback enables her to capture some great and unique shots.

Nadine’s style is completely natural, so that what you see in her photographs is exactly what she saw when she took the picture - little slices of life as they become history. Nadine’s strongest desire is to shoot Western landscapes and horses, but her appreciation is continually growing for other types of landscapes, seascapes and the simplicity and beauty of flowers and trees. Her photographs are now available for functional home use through her home goods company, The Western Home.

Nadine lives with her husband, Alan, on a horse farm in Maryland.

(2011, paperback, 80 pages)


The 21st Century Cowboy (PDF ebook)
The 21st Century Cowboy (PDF ebook)

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The 21st Century Cowboy [Kindle Edition]
The 21st Century Cowboy [ePub]
The 21st Century Cowboy [ePub]

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