Those Haunting Banks of River Rue

Those Haunting Banks of River Rue
Item# 978-1-4349-3082-8

Those Haunting Banks of River Rue
by Eylene Howell Pack

In a confused stupor, Atone Cooper flees the scene of the crime he has accidentally committed. Doing so leaves him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and flashbacks. He knows in his heart he will never be rid of the terrifying flashbacks unless he returns to the scene of the crime and makes a full confession.

Doing so will send Atone to jail for a long time. But the thought of jail does not cause as much emotional strife as the thought of facing Vera's mother. If he chooses not to confess he feels he will never be rid of the hideous hallucination plaguing him.

How can Atone choose? Can he give up the new life in Forgotten City? What about his new friends and the destitute woman and child he had taken responsibility for.

Will Atone return to the scene of the crime and confess his guilt, which will carry a prison sentence, or will he learn to live with the relentless flashbacks? Which means more, freedom or a clear conscience? Only Atone can decide.

About the Author

Childhood loneliness spurred author Eylene Howell Pack into creative writing. What she lacked in the real world she achieved in her imagination. The fact that success lived only in her mind did not daunt her enthusiasm.

Raising six children acquainted Pack with problem solving, especially those involving responsibility for capers gone awry. She learned to transpose real life experience from herself to her imagined characters.

Pack enjoys working on community and church programs that aid humanity. She has philanthropist spirit, although a pauper purse. Her sense of morality and fair play comes to life in her work.

(2012, paperback, 134 pages)


Those Haunting Banks of River Rue (PDF ebook)
Those Haunting Banks of River Rue (PDF ebook)

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