Patches In Winter

Patches In Winter
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Patches In Winter
by Tooty

Patches is a talking dog. He just loves the cold weather! Patches wakes up to look outside to see what the weather is like. He waits patiently for the weather to get cold enough for snow. Patches can hardly wait to play in the snow. Patches will show his master how he makes a snoaw angel. Patches looked like a little snowman with four legs! Santa delivers doggie treats to Patches. Patches gets tired from all the playing and excitement so he goes to his favorite spot and goes to sleep.

About the Author

We live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Patches lives with us and is now four-years-old. We just love to watch Patches play outside and be happy. Patches is so fast that he looks like a deer when he runs in the snow! We thank God for another year with Patches. We are truly blessed by having such a good companion. We hope these Patches books bring a smile to all who read this. See Patches and His Kitchen Staff! More Patches books will be coming soon.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)


Patches In Winter (PDF ebook)
Patches In Winter (PDF ebook)

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