Pure Passion's Lure

Pure Passion's Lure
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Pure Passion's Lure
Michael O'Loughlin

After spending much of his youth hiking and fishing in the Adirondack Mountains northeast of his Syracuse, NY home, it was a natural progression for Michael J. O'Loughlin to wander our nation's mountain ranges during the summers of his 20 year career as a high school and college English teacher. Always carrying a camera and notebook, he recorded his journeys and set the stage for Mountains Beached in My Memories and Pure Passion's Lure.

For forty years, his travels through the American and Canadian Rockies added to his library of thousands of slides and lines of poetry. Moreover, the magnificence of our hemisphere's natural wilderness areas has inspired the depth of Michael's ability to express their beauty and worth for those of us who read his verse.

(2012, paperback, 162 pages)


Pure Passion's Lure (PDF ebook)
Pure Passion's Lure (PDF ebook)

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