Jesus Will Show Us The Way

Jesus Will Show Us The Way
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Jesus Will Show Us The Way
by Pervis James Bookman, Jr.

This book provides one man's perspective of life: simple, yet complex, God-given and God-guided. As he graduates and moves through the different phases within his life, from early adolescence to adulthood and marriage, Mr. Joe Justin is provided with opportunities and success from God. At a certain stage in his life when he seems unsure of God's purpose for him, he decides to seek his own way, demeans family members, and sometimes offers negative advice. Yet God sees no man or woman as a lost cause and provides Mr. Joe Justin with love, hope, and a renewed spirit.

About the Author

Pervis James Bookman, Jr. was born in Greenville, South Carolina on May 8, 1956. He believes that God has given each and every person a talent, a gift. If someone has not yet found it, he should spend more time in spiritual thought and seeking out truths.

Wisdom is given from God for those whom seek him and ask for it.

(2012, paperback, 28 pages)


Jesus Will Show Us The Way (PDF ebook)
Jesus Will Show Us The Way (PDF ebook)

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