Pearl Street Park: The Proving Grounds

Pearl Street Park: The Proving Grounds
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Pearl Street Park: The Proving Grounds
by Rodgery McClain

Counselors Writing Group Association, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, started in 1996 by Rodgery and Rhonda McClain, a husband-and-wife writing team. They compose stories of people in their developmental process on becoming things.

A native Charlottean, Rodgery, degreed in psychology, also uses his theological background to blend history, psychology and spirituality in composing stories of the human developmental process, using real people, places, and things.

Rhonda, reared in Bessemer, Alabama, a veteran teacher of both oral and wirtten communication, also balances the counseling/writing team of McClain and McClain with excellent research skills and management.

The counseling team of McClain and McClain emphasizes the belief-faith factor in their unique theoretical style counseling. Together in their professional career, they are co-authors of other books, one entitled On Becoming to be released in the winter of 2013, and a history book entitled Ah 'Speck Ya Ta Lead Me, along with one other project, The Declaration of Interdependence.

The family resides in one of the beautiful subdivisions of Charlotte with their young daughter Moria.

(2012, hardcover, 110 pages)


Pearl Street Park: The Proving Grounds (PDF ebook)
Pearl Street Park: The Proving Grounds (PDF ebook)

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