Accasionaly Fames Appalachian Trails Musicals

Accasionaly Fames Appalachian Trails Musicals
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Accasionaly Fames Appalachian Trails Musicals
by Billy Wayne Crawford

Writer, author, and musician Billy Wayne Crawford was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, on August 4, 1974, and still resides in the trails of the Appalachians. Guitar became part of his life’s ambition at the early age of fifteen.

Musicals in this book take guitar play to a different level, playing in Standard tuning or D#G#C#F#A#D# tuning at moderately slow speeds or moderately fast, and sometimes faster speeds is just basic guitar playing. When playing the musical theme “Honky Tonk Monkey,” a moderately slow speed is the answer to getting that phantom monkey to walk in the saloon in the intro and then sitting down to play a more moderately fast pace. Getting up to play the guitar which is a simple blues solo signature “honky tonk monkey” lick, then sitting back down finishing the fast pace piano piece, then standing up to just walk away at a moderately slow played outro with a smile.

When playing the “Floor Boarder” theme, imagine starting up an old ’30s or ’40s Model Ford or any old vehicle for that matter. The intro starts with a glass slide that gives the imagination of engine ribs and noise from the wheels. After a somewhat moderately faster pace, the Hot Rod car is going down the road changing gears to driving away into the sunset is the outro part. If played correctly, what a wonderful sunset.

Studying music for many years, one seems to gain the ability to write good musicals. Playing guitar, most musicians figure out the guitar fret board well and writing gets that much easier. What makes a musical is listening to a theme and figuring out what it means. Most importantly, use your imagination and a short musical story could come to life. The musical piece “Electric Cowgirl” is thought to make a good two step dance theme, by the author that is. That musical is special to Crawford as well. These musicals were perfected on a T-bucket fender Hot Rod series Electric/Acoustic guitar and they do sound way better plugged in with no special effects. Just tune the guitar to the D# tuning or standard tuning to a warm and crisp sound or tone mentioned in this unique book, because it is one of a kind!

(2017, Paperback, 64 pages)


Accasionaly Fames Appalachian Trails Musicals
Accasionaly Fames Appalachian Trails Musicals

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