The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet

The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet
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The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet
by Dr. Bueford O. Spain

This book is about giving culturally deprived children, especially African-American children, a head start on vocabulary skills and alphabetic knowledge. While working with students, I found that a large number of students enter the school of knowledge with little or no basic skills.

Blessed with a granddaughter to care for at a very early age, I grasped the opportunity to see how much she could learn and how early—thus the alphabet book was brought into reality. Each night at bedtime, we would curl up and read stories from the adventures of capital and lowercase alphabets. While reading the stories, we would pause to ask and answer questions about the characters and alphabets in each story. By the age of three, my granddaughter knew the entire alphabet, had a fantastic vocabulary, and could read simple books.

My granddaughter is now in the second grade, reading over a hundred books a year, and she has a 4.5 reading level. My granddaughter loves to read, and she is already writing her own stories. The alphabet book is a bedtime or story time reading book. Reading this book often and consistently to young children will produce marked results in children’s basic and advanced reading skills.

About the Author

Although I am the product of uneducated parents, I graduated from North Panola High School with honors. With the aid of a student loan and the work-study program, I received a B.S. degree from Alcorn State University. While teaching school, I managed to receive an M.A. degree in special education and a specialist degree in administration and supervision from Memphis State University. In my latter years, working as an elementary school principal, I attended Delta State University and received a doctoral degree in professional studies.

I am married with two wonderful and successful daughters and a lovely granddaughter, who inspired the writing of this book. I am also an ordained minister and after working with the public school system for forty years, I retired to become the fulltime pastor of the Church of God in Clarksdale, MS, with a B.S. degree in Christian studies.

(2010, hardcover, 120 pages)


The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet (PDF ebook)
The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet (PDF ebook)

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The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet [E-Pub Version]
The Adventures of Capital and Lowercase Alphabet [E-Pub Version]

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