The Adventures of C. H. Mouse

The Adventures of C. H. Mouse
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The Adventures of C. H. Mouse
by Sally Beebe

The Adventures of C. H. Mouse is set, for the most part, in a rural area. C.H. is one of three children of Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. They get into trouble, as real children do, when they are young and curious.

Grandfather Mouse comes to their rescue numerous times, sparing them from being hurt, from the big yellow cat to the owls in the woods. He imparts his wisdom on the Mouse children and tells them about the world outside their surroundings.

Located at the end of the story are pages for the reader to create their own drawings to illustrate the book, making it personal for each individual child who reads it.

About the Author

Sally Beebe lives in Missouri with her husband and their cat, Stretch. They have three grown children and six grandchildren. Sally taught for 29 years in Missouri. She has been retired for 14 years. In that time, she has been able to do many hobbies she hadn't had time for when she was teaching. Those hobbies include reading, writing, quilting, music, and serving at her church. Of course, being with grandchildren and their activities are both very important to her.

As a teacher she wrote as she asked her students to write, thinking modeling was the best example. Hopefully, some of the many students from her classes were inspired and continued to write also.

Her advice to anyone who has dreams is to never give up on those dreams. They may come true when the time is right.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)


The Adventures of C. H. Mouse (PDF ebook)
The Adventures of C. H. Mouse (PDF ebook)

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The Adventures of C. H. Mouse [ePub]
The Adventures of C. H. Mouse [ePub]

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The Adventures of C. H. Mouse [Kindle]

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