The Adventure of Huff and Puff

The Adventure of Huff and Puff
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The Adventure of Huff and Puff
by Paul Vakerics II

Adventures happen in all our lives. Adventures are fun. Some adventures are dangerous. Adventures take courage. All adventures open a better view of self.

In a world of children, a good guy is a hero and a bad guy is a bully. In this story, there are both heroes and bullies.

You will not be surprised at what bullies do to change everybody and everything. But, you will be surprised at what the heroes do to change everybody and everything. The courage and action of one hero will especially surprise you.

This takes place during four holidays and one precious time for children called summer vacation. All the story needs is you. Do you have the courage?

Before I forget, Huff and Puff asked me to invite you to join them on their adventures. They promise that, on the way, there will be many smiles, too. Puff told me that all you need to bring is a BIG SMILE and a basket full of courage. Puff has a basket for everything.

About the Author

The author, Paul Vakerics II, was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio. He met his wife in high school. They have been married for forty-six years. Their two sons are both married and have made Paul and his wife proud grandparents.

Paul is a Navy veteran. With a B.S. from Ohio University and a M.S. from Purdue University, he spent over thirty years as a teacher.

In his retirement, he finally has time to write, bruise a finger or two while woodworking, and to enjoy watching baseball.

(2012, paperback, 68 pages)


The Adventure of Huff and Puff (PDF ebook)
The Adventure of Huff and Puff (PDF ebook)

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The Adventure of Huff and Puff [ePub]
The Adventure of Huff and Puff [ePub]

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