The Adventures of Jonnie (A Rooftop Squirrel)

The Adventures of Jonnie (A Rooftop Squirrel)
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The Adventures of Jonnie (A Rooftop Squirrel)
by Sandra D. (Marin) Reynolds-Herrell

This is a story written to help children learn and identify some of the dangers of life. It was written in an effort to teach children to be safe and to listen to their parents. It was handwritten in 1989 and read nightly by the author to her own children for many years.

The authorís adopted son inspired her to continue it in 1990. It taught him a few basic things about what to do and what not to do by using various situations with positive, as well as negative, outcomes. Her daughter encouraged her to add new chapters as she grew.

Finally, in 2013, the author was ready to let it go and share it with other people's children. She hopes you and your children will enjoy the story as much as her own children did.

About the Author:

Author Sandra D. (Marin) Reynolds-Herrell, born in Essex, Maryland, is a lifelong writer and the single mother of three biological children and one adopted son. Through the compassion and eyes of her first two biological children, and through the grace of God, the family opened hearts and home to an abused, forgotten, lost little boy. The author took custody of him when he was two and raised him as her own son. It was not easy and it came with many problems, but the family worked through them day by day to gain his trust, his loyalty, and, eventually, his love.

In her second marriage, the author was told that she could not have children. But, at age 40, miraculously, God blessed her with a new baby daughter who encouraged her to add to the book that you are holding in your hands.

After putting her life on hold for nearly 40 years, the author is finally a senior in her bachelor's program in college today and pursuing her passion for writing.

(2015, Paperback, 40 pages)


The Adventures of Jonnie (A Rooftop Squirrel) [EBOOK]
The Adventures of Jonnie (A Rooftop Squirrel) [EBOOK]

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