The Adventures of Penny-Petal the Pink Poodle

The Adventures of Penny-Petal the Pink Poodle
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The Adventures of Penny-Petal and the Pink Poodle
by Rhonda Kathleen Farrell

Penny-Petal finds herself on a plane bound for Africa with her family, who are going to work as wardens in an animal park. Feeling a little afraid and excited at the same time, Penny-Petal wonders what her new life will be like. She makes the most unusual friends.

While playing one day, the three of them accidentally wander away from the park through a gate that was accidentally left open to find themselves deep in the grounds surrounding the park. This is where her adventure begins. Read how Penny-Petal and her friends survive the wilderness.

About the Author

My name is Rhonda Kathleen Farrell, and I was born in Western Australia in a pristine town on the coast called Geraldton in 1953. I grew up on a farm seventy kilometers east of Geraldton with my two sisters and one brother. My childhood years were lots of fun. Later I married a wheat farmer and had two children. We sold our farm in 1987 and moved to Geraldton to live. Now I have three grandchildren, for whom I make up bedtimes stories. They have enjoyed them over the years, so I decided to put pen to paper and write my stories for other children to enjoy.

(2010, paperback, 46 pages)


The Adventures of Penny-Petal the Pink Poodle (PDF ebook)
The Adventures of Penny-Petal the Pink Poodle (PDF ebook)

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