America Your Choice Good or Evil

America Your Choice Good or Evil
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America Your Choice Good or Evil
by Russell Lewis Poling

In America sixty years ago people were safe hitchhiking, walking to school, in schools, theaters, work places, all public places, and no security was needed for your home. The foundation of marriage was good and children grew up in an environment where they were taught the difference between right and wrong. Abortion was illegal, and there was no sexual revolution, illegal drugs, no gay marriage, and other evils.

Over the past sixty years Satan has gradually taken over America. Americans are no longer safe in schools, theaters, or their homes. There is too much hate, crime, and killing: itís destroying the American foundation. People need to remove Satan from their lives and choose good.

The solution is a self-disciplined society. The military and sports are forms of self-discipline. Self-discipline is total control over all of your thinking, actions, behavior, and knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Russell Lewis Poling is a living example.

When you read this book you will see the life Poling lived. His life is self-disciplined. He has chosen good instead of evil. He is not a religious fanatic; he believes that there is too much emphasis on religion and not enough teaching on how to live a good life in schools, homes and churches. They should teach a better way to live without evil.

In the matter of Church and State: the State has the military power and the Church has the spiritual power. If both are united, no nation or nations can conquer America. Letís keep them united to stamp out evil in America and the world.

(2016, Paperback, 88 pages)


America Your Choice Good or Evil (e-book)
America Your Choice Good or Evil (e-book)

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