Answering the Call to Serve

Answering the Call to Serve
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Answering the Call to Serve
by Hubert C. Jackson

Answering the Call to Serve is a trek through American history, highlighting the exploits and contributions of some of America’s fighting forces, as well as another attempt by me to express my appreciation to those service members who did, in fact, answer their country’s call to serve during its time of dire need for fighting forces. As has always been the case since the very beginning of the nation’s history, all members of society, the rich, the poor, the free and, in many cases, the enslaved, felt that through their service to a country that considered them less than human, they could prove they were worthy to be accepted as equals. Women, who before the concept of allowing females into the military ranks was ever considered saw the need for their assistance, stepped forward as a majority to support the war effort.

The men and women of the United States of America continue to step forward to confront any threat to our nation and answer the call to serve.

About the Author

Some would consider having spent twenty-four years of my life, half of the total time I have been on this earth, a very long time, and I imagine in some respects it is, but when I look back on my military career, the countries I was fortunate enough to visit, the adventures I had and the lifelong friends with whom I shared those adventures, it does not seem to have been such a long journey.

One day all of the hard work and effort my mentors expended in my professional development paid off. Through promotions and assignments, the student had become the teacher, and it was my turn to mentor those who were as wild and as wide-eyed as I had once been. It was my turn to prepare them to step into the void my retirement would one day create. I attempted to take on that task with the same patience and dedication my mentors has once displayed, and I do feel the lessons I passed on have proven successful. I feel I made a positive impact on the continuation of the line of professional noncommissioned officers who lead today’s armed forces, and I was able to step down, confident in the fact that the soldiers who needed it would have mentors to whom they could turn for guidance.

(2009, paperback, 70 pages


Answering the Call to Serve (e-book)
Answering the Call to Serve (e-book)

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