And God Made Man: The Creation of African America

And God Made Man: The Creation of African America
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-7918-3

by Rasheed Ali Shabazz

Hello, Reader.

I wrote this book to give one an alternative view or understanding on some of the things society has taught us — from politics to religion to the law and other aspects of life. As time goes by, we witness how corrupt society is. It seems as if we are living the Book of Revelation.

For the African American, especially our youth, I hope we will find something in these pages that will ignite our DNA. I hope to open our third eye about self in order to provoke a positive attitude of self. I also hope to perhaps lift our conscientiousness to operate in a positive mode toward each other.

N.O.W. is the powerful organization of women. It has enhanced women’s power in the political arena here in America. Women, however, still suffer all kinds of cruelty throughout the earth. Perhaps the powerful women of America will find something in these pages to ease the pain and suffering for the rest of the women of the earth.

There’s something useful in these pages for everyone. Take the time to read a very, very interesting book! Enjoy!


I am an African American born in New York City. Life has blessed me with a degree of knowledge and understanding, which I hope to share with you. I am also an inventor with a government patent and was inducted into Who’s Who of American Inventors.

I had a New York State liquor license when I owned a grocery store in Queens, and I had a real estate salesman license when I sold houses in the Bronx. I welded in shipyards in New York and New Jersey, and I worked in housing maintenance for fifteen years.

(2008, paperback, 54 pages)

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And God Made Man: The Creation of African America [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7918-3 [E-book]

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