Astral Force Rising

Astral Force Rising
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Astral Force Rising
by Corwin Nighthawk

A Wiccan High Priestess finds a prophecy that describes an all-powerful evil, which will be set into motion when a powerful man, Leo Gardasian, discovers the Tree of Knowledge, described in the Book of Genesis. Gardasian will become powerful enough to command Heaven and Earth, leaving the gods of every known religion powerless to stop him.

Enter Astral Force, a band of magical heroes charged with the salvation of everything that is holy. Throw in a huge time loop and some rather confusing temporal mechanics, and you have a wild roller coaster ride of super powers and shocking revelations regarding the origins of the universe and our purpose here.

Will Astral Force prevail on behalf of gods and men alike, or are we doomed to lose the battle known as Armageddon?!

About the Author

Corwin Nighthawk was born and raised in Louisville, KY, where he currently resides. He has studied Pagan religion and the Spiritual sciences for over twenty years. After over a year of homelessness due to disability, Corwin has recently started his own online business, Night Wolf Gifts, with his friend, Troy Moore.

After nearly two decades, Corwin is finally able to realize his dream of writing fiction for fellow Pagans and sci-fi/ fantasy fans. Astral Force Rising is the first of a series of six books, and the authorís first published work.

(2009, paperback, 224 pages)


Astral Force Rising (e-book)
Astral Force Rising (e-book)

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