At the Door

At the Door
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8996-0

Adapted and Illustrated by Maly M. Kiendl, Based on a Children's Story Book by Katherine M. Yates

At the Door
is a beautifully illustrated story about Loxalillya, a little girl who has a dream. Her guide in Dreamland is an elf. He takes her to Folkstown. There she meets a boy who is a doorkeeper.

As in all dreams, things are not what they seem to be. The boy’s house is his mind. The people going in and out of the house are his thoughts.

Loxalillya wants to be the doorkeeper and talks the elf into making it happen. Everything goes wrong, and she is overwhelmed by her responsibilities until…the elf tells her a secret.


My loves in life are children, animals, and nature (not necessarily in that order). Combine that with my passion for drawing (which I have had since the age of ten, when I won my first art award), and you have the perfect ingredients to be inspired by an obscure Victorian children’s book writer, Katherine M. Yates.

I feel strongly that children’s books should be as enjoyable for adults to read as they are for children to hear and see. Many of my most pleasant memories from my childhood are the different stories read to me by adults.

(2007, paperback, 34 pages)

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At the Door [E-book edition]
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Reader Review

"Based on the children's storybook by Victorian writer Katherine M. Yates, At the Door is a black-and-white softcover picturebook by author and award-winning artist Maly M. Kiendl. A little girl named Loxalillya has a dream about meeting an elf and becoming a doorkeeper in Folkstown, but the job is not all it appears to be - the house is a human mind, and the people going in and out of the house are thoughts and emotions. As doorkeeper it is her job to let in the good thoughts and keep out the bad! 'If you keep an open mind to bad thoughts, the good ones just leave. The good thoughts expect you to do your job.' The story's moderate amount of text and simple metaphors make At the Door ideal for children who are almost ready to move beyond picturebooks. Highly recommended."

--Bookwatch, February 2008

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