RoseDog Books Author Store

Through an affiliation with,, and a few other retailers, we are offering authors and writers a chance to purchase these materials which are essential to the writing process. Simply click on the icon next to the product you are interested in to be taken to the appropriate page on the retailer's website, where you can purchase the item of your choice.

Browse through the main categories below to get started:

Software to help support every step of your writing process.
Start here to get general help with publishing your book.
These materials will help you to bring your story to the juvenile audience.
Useful information for creating and marketing your science fiction story.
Books that will help you develop your characters and bring them to life.
Interested in writing your life story? These resources will help you get everything organized.
Practical books for accurate and marketable religious writing.
Whether you want to find your own voice or a publisher, these books can help.
These resources will help you organize the facts and accurately portray the story.
Your book is complete. What are the next steps for marketing and promoting your work?
Whether you need typewriter ribbon, pencils or paper, it's all here for you.
Dictionaries, thersauruses, and style manuals to help you with the technical part of writing.

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