Benny Finds His Purpose

Benny Finds His Purpose
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Benny Finds His Purpose
by Terrence Michael O’Neill

Benny is a small dog who thinks he is a large guard dog because he loves the sound of his own bark. Mrs. Crow, his owner, can’t tolerate his barking anymore, so she turns his life upside down, forcing Benny to change the way he sees himself.

His transformation does not come easily, and he is tempted by laziness and self-indulgence. His sweetheart, Maria, helps to redirect Benny’s transformation into a loving friend.

Benny Finds His Purpose is an unspoken tale that shows us what happens when we have the courage to change.

About the Author

Born in Chicago, IL, as one of eight children raised by a single mother on welfare, Terrence O’Neill grew up as a surfer in Venice, CA, during the celebrated Dogtown period. After a brief period as an internationally known model and playing Superman in a Japanese TV movie, he changed careers, earning a degree from California State University Northridge. Terry spent several years teaching in the public school system in Oxnard, CA. He currently lives and writes in south Florida and southern California.

(2010, paperback, 66 pages)


Benny Finds His Purpose (PDF ebook)
Benny Finds His Purpose (PDF ebook)

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