Bertram Gets His Miracles

Bertram Gets His Miracles
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Bertram Gets His Miracles
by Maria D. Collette

Bertram Gets His Miracles is an inspirational and educational book for children ages three or four to ten or twelve. It can be read to younger children or older children can read it themselves. It can be read in serial form, one or two pages at a time. It can be used as an educational tool.

About the Author:

Maria D. Collette is seventy-two years old. She taught kindergarten for a few years, then turned to writing as a second career. She writes poetry and stories. She has published two books: Blanc et Noir A Love, a poetry book, and Hazelnut Manor.

Maria is bi-polar and disabled. She was briefly married and has two sons, Wally and David Alan Dickenhof.


Bertram Gets His Miracles [E-BOOK]
Bertram Gets His Miracles [E-BOOK]

This book is also available for download as an e-book in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Get the same great book to read on your computer or PDA! It's less expensive and it saves paper!

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