Bella & Abby

Bella & Abby
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Bella & Abby
by Bertha Ann Irby

Bella and Abby is about a little girl, Bella, who wanted a baby doll, named Abby, so badly that she cried until she fell asleep. Bella’s parents cannot afford to purchase the baby doll. Bella goes to the supermarket with her mother just to see the doll. Bella’s siblings feel sorry for her and ask the manager if they can sweep the floors until they can purchase the doll for Bella. Bella’s siblings earn enough money to purchase the doll, and their mother, who did not have a job, was blessed with a job after the manager learns about the family’s hardship.

About the Author:

Bertha Ann Irby is an American, who enjoys writing stories, singing on the Praise Team Choir at her church, shopping, decorating homes, and baking. She spends most of her time working with elderly people and assisting others in need. She spends quality time with her family: Larry (her husband), Stephon, Victor, Niasha, and Khaleb. Growing up, Irby had a close friend who wanted a doll and her parents did not have the money. She knows what it feels like to want something as a kid and to not receive it because of hard times. Bertha Irby thanks God for His many blessings that allowed Bertha and her husband to be able to provide for their family.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)


Bella & Abby [e-book]
Bella & Abby [e-book]

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