Becoming a Professional Bartender

Becoming a Professional Bartender
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Becoming a Professional Bartender
by Lori A. Wiley

Written by a Professional Mixologist, with over 20 years in the food and beverage industry, Lori A. Wiley has not only won awards for best recipes and excellent customer service, she has trained over 100 bartenders in her field. Ms. Wiley has worked at Casinos, high-end restaurants, nightclubs and bars. In the San Diego area, she is well known for her bartending skills, professionalism, high volume service and new drink recipes. Now she shares her bartending knowledge and her own creative drink recipes, as well as the most popular drinks made today in this 55+ page book..

Bartending is an excellent way to earn a living, while having a great time being social and meeting great people.

Whether you want to become a professional, or just impress your friends at parties with your bar knowledge, this book can help you do both. Everything you need to know from the correct glassware to different flavor of liquor, to the garnish for each drink is in this book. It also includes over 200 of the most popular drink recipes, common liquor laws and general procedures to track liquor sales and record inventory.

You will have a great time learning these skills and impressing others with your drink knowledge.


(2017, Paperback, 66 pages)


Becoming a Professional Bartender (e-book)
Becoming a Professional Bartender (e-book)

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