Beyond the Shadows

Beyond the Shadows
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Beyond the Shadows
by Stephanie M. Doron

Trinity never imagined her life would end up the way it did. Being turned into a vampire against her will was not on her to do list for her senior year. She is given a new family and a new chance at happiness despite her initial reluctance. Now, the man who turned her is forcing her to make a horrible decision. She must choose between saving the person she loves by murdering a human or saving the human and losing the one she loves. The full moon is rising and the decision has to be made. What will she do?

About the Author:

Author Stephanie M. Doron was born in New Jersey in 1989. She has a puppy named Luna. She started writing in high school when her literature teacher, Mr. Archible, encouraged her to keep writing after papers she had written for the class. Doron started multiple books, never able to finish them until now. She is an avid reader; her favorite authors are Amelia Atwater Rhodes and Cassandra Clare. When she has free time, she enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends and family.

Devlin graduated from the University of Missouri and accepted a writing job with the Suburban Journals, full-time and part-time for almost a decade. She was also a server at a five star hotel.

(2017, Paperback, 102 pages)


When Shadows Fade [EBOOK]
When Shadows Fade [EBOOK]

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