Bitaminabelle: The Little Elf

Bitaminabelle: The Little Elf
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Bitaminabelle: The Little Elf
by Dawn DeBlieck-Bodden

Itís not easy being small! In fact it can be a big problem. And no one knows this better than Bitaminabelle.

All her friends in the little village of Green Fern Hollow are always teasing Bitaminabelle. They think because of her size she canít do anything.

But one day, someone comes to Green Fern Hollow and the events that follow show everyone, including Bitaminabelle, that she can do something. Something very important!

Bitaminabelle discovers she is a great thinker and problem solver. And it doesnít matter how big or small you are as long as you think things through. You can do anything!

Follow Bitaminabelle on her adventure of discovering herself and how being little doesnít matter. It doesnít matter at all.

About the Author:

Author Dawn DeBlieck-Bodden was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Having heard bedtime stories given by her English Grandmother about witches, fairies, elves, and gnomes, she developed a love of fantasy and magical creatures from an early age.

Now retired from her career of being a Neuromuscular Therapist, Dawn finally decided to create a world of fantasy for all children to enjoy. The book Bitaminabelle: The Little Elf is the first in a series of adventures that takes the little elf to all sorts of wonderful places. Watch for the next adventure of Bitaminabelle in Book 2, Bitaminabelle at the North Pole.

Dawn lives with her husband in the beautiful sun-soaked Cayman Islands. She travels to Costa Ricaís rain forests to get her inspirations for her books.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


Bitaminabelle: The Little Elf [E-book]
Bitaminabelle: The Little Elf [E-book]

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