Bite of the Blue Krait

Bite of the Blue Krait
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8979-3

by Russell Goldbaum

A surgical residency program can be a tumultuous affair where young doctors joust with each other to win surgical appointments that will affect the rest of their lives. They learn the art of diagnosis and how to perform operations. Surgery is an arduous calling but in a residency program, doctors discover niches for robust partying, especially when the male doctors are surrounded by platoons of nurses.

Steven Goforth, M.D., enrolled in a surgical program, is so engrossed learning the art of surgery that later he is completely surprised to learn that a serial killer is loose in his hospital. He plays a significant role in assisting detectives to refocus their investigation.

Most of the surgical procedures in this medical mystery are based on true events and so the descriptions are explicit and provide information about a teaching program.

Thus this novel has two aspects: It is a learning experience and it is entertaining a perfect combination.


Russell Goldbaum and his wife, Miriam Joy, live in Haverhill, Massachusetts and Aberdeen, Boynton Beach, Florida. Following his graduation from Tufts Medical School, he obtained surgical residencies at the Brookdale Hospital and Mount Sinai in New York. During the Korean War, he was commissioned as a captain and performed surgery at the 46th MASH Hospital in the 45th Thunderbird Division. Following discharge from the army, he established a vascular and general surgery practice in Haverhill.

(2007, paperback, 272 pages)

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8979-3 [E-book]

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