Black Cowboy: A Most Unusual Dramatic Western Featuring 5 Black Women!

Black Cowboy: A Most Unusual Dramatic Western Featuring 5 Black Women!
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-8766-9

by Country Nate Green

This is a most unusual story about black cowboys and cowgirls. The story is more about cowgirls because it is they who have to meet the most challenging fight against killers/outlaws.

A rape takes place in the opening of this most dramatic western. A young black woman who lives on the outskirts of town alone encounters four horsemen who ride in and pretend they only want food and water. They are welcomed by this very attractive young woman, but they make it clear just a little later that they want her, willing or unwilling. She is aggressively manhandled and regardless of her brave fight, she is raped by all four outlaws. A schoolteacher rides in to help but is soon killed by them.

Two kids who witnessed the rape and killing notify the sheriff. The unusual aspect of this story is the sheriff’s daughter, who is deputy sheriff, investigates the kids’ story. She discovers their story is true.

The deputy sheriff makes her father aware that their beloved teacher-in-town has been killed but there is no sign of the lovely young woman. A black rider in the mountains riding a stallion with wild birds hanging from his saddle is seen. He joins the gunsmith, and together they form a five-woman posse, whom they give training and strategies on how to compensate for the fact that they are women. One deputy sheriff and four deputies prove themselves with seemingly insurmountable odds with all their wit and training to be superior against the killers.


Country Nate Green is a singer, songwriter, and author. He has been writing and recording in the country music genre for well over fifteen years. He works closely with the youths in his community and as a deterrent to crime, he places many youths on stage to sing, dance, play instruments, or recite dialogue.

Country Nate is also the author of Kill the Surgeon, a medical mystery. He has also written a Christmas song entitled “What Are You Bringing Me for Christmas?” which he is trying to add to the list of standard Christmas songs, which includes “Silent Night,” “White Christmas,” and “Jingle Bells.”

(2007, paperback, 106 pages)

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Black Cowboy: A Most Unusual Dramatic Western Featuring 5 Black Women! [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8766-9 [E-book]

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