The Bloody Road to Victory

The Bloody Road to Victory
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The Bloody Road to Victory
by TC King

The Bloody Road to Victory is a work of historical fiction chronicling the personal and spiritual journey of three soldiers during the Civil War. Although fighting for different causes, two Confederate soldiers and one Union soldier join forces to become a family and fight for unity and victory for the entire nation. Bloody battles of war may destroy a foundation, but they will never destroy our soul, love and beliefs in what we fight for.

About the Author

TC King is the recipient of three college degrees and has been an educator of Special Needs children for thirty years. Her first historical novel was written and published in 2010, entitled Men Of Steel, in memory of her father, a steel innovator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ms. King is well known in her educational field for bringing exciting experiences through reading and the telling of stories to all ages. She is an accomplished pianist and the recipient of many national awards. Her many adventures while traveling and performing as a musician in the United States bring new insights and encouragement to her many students. Currently, she is still working with small children, desiring to make a difference in their lives, with imagination, creativity and much love. Ms. King resides in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

About the Illustrator

Javier Jordan is a gifted artist who is self-taught. His cover design for The Bloody Road to Victory is his first published work. Mr. Jordan resides in Dulles, Virginia.

(2013, Paperback, 98 pages)


The Bloody Road to Victory E-Book
The Bloody Road to Victory E-Book

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