The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret

The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret
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The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret
by Carol Phillip-Tudor

Everything is beautiful and you are the most beautiful of all . . . writes William Hilland Handel—best known as Bilky—in his boyish scrawl to Doctor Ella Borde, the woman to whom he professes his love.

The quiet community of Lone Oak Hemlock where Bilky lives is tucked away in lush Western Kentucky. There, the years move too slowly for him. In his naiveté, he desires to advance his age at a faster pace to allow for him to court Ella, an affianced woman twelve years his senior. As any conscientious woman would, Ella first treats Bilky’s advances with mild amusement, whilst deciding on how best to break his heart.

The years pass. Bilky understands his poverty, his habitually intoxicated father, and his own prohibitively coalmining future make small obstacle of his age. His heart, notwithstanding, is fettered to Ella. He cannot free himself.

Ultimately, he finds himself in the unlikely company of Professor Emil, a brilliant man in his own rights, in timid ineffectual pursuit of Ella’s mother, Mrs. Eloise Borde. Together Bilky and Professor Emil coalesces their abilities to gain the only goal each will accept—the love of the woman each loves.

That is until Brigitte, the younger, feisty sister of Ella, sees something in Bilky she wants. Unwittingly, Brigitte becomes the cog spinning, twisting and knotting the web, exposing the secrecies of the hearts around her as an enigmatic plot thickens.

About the Author

Carol Phillip-Tudor is native to the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Matty and Me; Poisoning the Lilies; I, EYE, SEE and Temporary Suddeness are additional books of this author’s available online at, www, and similar book outlets.

(2010, paperback, 326 pages)


The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret [E-Pub Version]
The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret [E-Pub Version]

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The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret (PDF ebook)
The Boy, The Professor and Ella's Regret (PDF ebook)

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