Brother Africa

Brother Africa
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Brother Africa
by Johann Heydenrych

The author grew up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. A Seventh generation African, his passion is for the land, its battered inhabitants, its teeming wildlife, its heartache. His masterful writings absorb the reader in this Epic, as it navigates the historic events that have ravaged the precious tip of Africa.

The novel is based in the Karoo, a farming and hunting district—harsh, unique, yet achingly beautiful where all life on earth is traced back to. Uncompromising in it’s true depiction of politics, racism, and poaching, its told the only way only a true African could. The novel transcends time: From the Portuguese battling the Cape of Storms in the 1400s to the Mandela era at the turn of the century, the reader lives and breathes the rich and colorful history of a country scarred yet alive, ruthless yet yearning for relief.

The main character’s existence alters forever when he steps onto its bloodstained soils, a spiritual connection with the land, a new will to live, the love of a woman to fight for. This short-story is a simple yet charming read that warms the cockles of the human heart. Thrilling, inspiring, relentless, your reading senses will be left tingling and wanting more.

(2014, Paperback, 118 pages)


Brother Africa E-Book
Brother Africa E-Book

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