Building Melisande: A Western Romance Novel

Building Melisande: A Western Romance Novel
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Building Melisande: A Western Romance Novel
by Hayley McMinn

Two prim and proper sisters are forced to leave their sheltered life of luxury in Boston, and embark on an arduous journey to find their long lost brother, whose last known location was the remote, forsaken mining town of Dutch Flats, California. Set in the post-Civil War era, this sweeping western epic unfolds a grand drama of family, friendship, adventure, and unthinkable romance.

About the Author

Hayley McMinn is an author, actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter. She was raised in a homeschooling family on a rural farm, and earned her Acting for Film AFA at the New York Film Academy in Hollywood. She now pursues her two great loves of acting and writing in Denver, Colorado.

Hayley’s themes based on past events and places reflect hr appreciation for history and classic authors such as Jane Austen. She writes for a broad audience of adventure, mystery, romance, young adult, and human drama aficionados. She credits her love of writing to her mother, and her love for adventure to her father. Her Christian faith is the foundation for her work.

Building Melisande is Hayley’s first published novel, and is Book One in a trilogy she is currently developing. Her lively and engaging storytelling appeals to a wide-range of readers.

(2013, Paperback, 186 pages)


Building Melisande: A Western Romance Novel E-Book
Building Melisande: A Western Romance Novel E-Book

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