Call Me Nona and The Strawberry Tree

Call Me Nona and The Strawberry Tree
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Call Me Nona and The Strawberry Tree
Catherine Antolino Mervyn

In “Call Me Nona,” love and respect for the elderly does not end at death; it lives eternally.

Grandmother comes from a foreign country to live with her married daughter, whose seven-year-old child is still at home. At first he is uncomfortable with the elderly, foreign grandmother. Firmly but lovingly, she puts him at ease, and the two develop a lasting, loving relationship. The young boy’s love for his grandmother lives on as she dies.

In “The Strawberry Tree,” peace can be achieved through everyone’s cooperation. The discovery and nurturing of an unusual plant in a strawberry field leads young students to the planting of an unusual tree on school grounds.

About the Author

Catherine Antolino Mervyn is a native Italian who immigrated to America with her mother at age thirteen. She served in the U.S. Military for two years during WWII. Mrs. Mervyn received a B.S. degree in Education from Ohio State University and an M.A. degree in Education from California Lutheran University. She taught in elementary schools in Ohio, New Mexico, and California. Her first book, A Tower in the Valley: The History of Santa Clara Church, was published in 1989, and Historic Moments with California Federation of Women’s Clubs was published in 1998. The Replication of the Father Serra Statue, a Volunteer Community Project, was published in 2002. She has published two children’s books, Sammy, Pepe and Mumbo-Jumbo and A Lesson from a Tree.

(2010, paperback, 42 pages)


Call Me Nona and The Strawberry Tree (PDFebook)
Call Me Nona and The Strawberry Tree (PDFebook)

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