Caldwell Preserve

Caldwell Preserve
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Caldwell Preserve
by Lynn A. Kupper

This is an historical perspective of Caldwell Park from its origin to present-day status. The reader is given an intriguing and fascinating description of the beginnings of Caldwell Preserve from an initial land sale by President George Washington to Judge Symmes from New Jersey in 1785.

The pre-history of Ohio Indian culture is vividly documented and includes a description of General “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s defeat of the Miami and Shawnee Indians in the famous and final Battle of the Fallen Timbers in 1795.

To this day, Caldwell Preserve remains a beautiful and picturesque area for all Cincinnatians with its beautiful tree-lined paths, unique wooden bridges and horticulture. The reader will take away a love of Mill Creek and surrounding vicinity, and an appreciation of both Ohio and Cincinnati history and all nature.

About the Author:

Lynn A. Kupper has always loved learning, people, her family, genealogy, nature, travel, and children. She has two daughters, Nicole and Rachel, and three grandchildren.

Lynn has a B.Ed. in English and Education and a M.A. in English. She holds a M.A. in Reading, Learning Disabilities, Behavior Disorder. Lynn has a M.A. in Agency and Community Counseling. She has always been fond of traveling wherever there is water, nature, and historical sites.

Lynn’s first book, Earth to Dessert, was a pictorial review of Ohio food festivals and provided in-depth understanding of natural food, the “green” movement, and the increase in the buy local movement.

(2017, Paperback, 92 pages)


Caldwell Preserve [EBOOK]
Caldwell Preserve [EBOOK]

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