The Cadence Raine Chronicles: Evening Star

The Cadence Raine Chronicles: Evening Star
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The Cadence Raine Chronicles: Evening Star
by Rebekkah Silva

Cadence Raine has moved to Bates, a small town in England that sits on the edge of the dark and sinister woods. Two years ago, a boy went into those woods and never returned. Cadence is determined to know what happened to him, and she is convinced the emotionless school secretary, Ms. Sayers, is somehow involved.

With Mrs. Sayers's expressionless features and abnormal uniqueness, Cadence and her two friends, Lara and Jackson, know the only way to discover the truth is to go into the woods. But what they encounter is something they never imagined possible, and once they are dragged into the world of the supernatural, the decision to befriend mythical creatures will have inevitable consequences for all involved.

About the Author

Fantasy has always been my favourite genre, and I have always shown interest in mythology, which inspired me to write a book on such incredible creatures. When Iím not writing, Iím reading, and when Iím not reading, Iím coming up with new ideas that I can turn into an interesting story. My interests include drama, writing, and traveling, and I reside in Brisbane with my parents and three younger siblings.

(2010, paperback, 168 pages)


The Cadence Raine Chronicles: Evening Star (PDF ebook)
The Cadence Raine Chronicles: Evening Star (PDF ebook)

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