The Cave of Hope

The Cave of Hope
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The Cave of Hope
by Kathryn Bess

Leli and Dolph are two unique house cats. Leli wears eyeglasses as she cannot see clearly out of her left eye. She depends on her mischievous brother, Dolph, when she goes outside to play. While out frolicking in a snowstorm with her brother, Leli falls into a lake where she meets new friends, finds adventure, and discovers the miracle of hope.

About the Author:

Kathryn Bess has her Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from George Washington University. She served twenty-five years as Vice President of Human Resources. A lover of dance, she spent her recreational time performing with a Latin dance company. In 2009, her cat of twenty years passed away. Devastated, she adopted two special needs cats, Lelitsa and Dolph. Despite their poor health, their will to fight and survive encouraged the writing of this book. Follow the mischievous adventure of these cats as it turns into a magical journey of hope.

(2017, Paperback, 48 pages)


The Cave of Hope [EBOOK]
The Cave of Hope [EBOOK]

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