Christmas Cougar

Christmas Cougar
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Christmas Cougar
by Jerzy Zarzycki

Christmas Cougar, by Jerzy Zarzycki, is a gift written not only for his family, but for all who like to read about America’s historic past. Focusing on the last survivors of an era ending just after the Civil War, Jerzy highlights an elderly couple, a wily elk, and a hungry cougar. Their struggle to coexist and outwit inevitable extinction is depicted in humorous and exciting fashion. This holiday story, sure to please adults as well as children, also celebrates the strength, determination, and “down home” wisdom of the pioneer woman. It is destined to become a new Christmas classic.

About the Author

An avid sportsman and expert photographer, Jerzy Zarzycki has published numerous articles, factual and fictional, related to hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational pursuits. As an “in country” Vietnam veteran and professor of history, he has also written and lectured on America’s many wars and related military subjects. Although semi-retired, Jerzy still has many “irons in the fire” and continues to engage in all his areas of expertise, planning numerous future publications. Considering that, he proudly proclaims his greatest accomplishments to date is his role as grandfather to eight and hopefully more prospering grandchildren.

(2011, paperback 34 pages)


Christmas Cougar (PDF ebook)
Christmas Cougar (PDF ebook)

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Christmas Cougar [Kindle Edition]

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