The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010

The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010
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The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010
by Ousman Jammeh

This book traces the constitutional law and history of the Gambia, from the pre-independence era to the first republic, which ended in July 1994. It contains an in-depth analysis of events that shaped the development of the constitutions of the Gambia, from the first republic in 1970 to the second republican constitution, which came into force in January 1997. The book further provides a comparative legal analysis of Gambian and common law jurisprudence from West Africa, United Kingdom, and North America, among others.

It is, therefore, intended to serve as a handy reference for practitioners, students, researchers, political and social scientists, with interest in contemporary Gambian law and constitutional history. Similarly, Gambians of the Diaspora and friends of the Gambia should find this book a useful and informative publication.

About the Author

Ousman Jammeh was born in Bakau, in the Kombo Saint Mary’s Municipality, of The Gambia in 1963. He attended primary and secondary Schools in The Gambia, before joining the Gambian Judiciary, in 1984. He attended Universities in Guyana, Malaysia, and Barbados, West Indies. He is a member of The Gambia Bar and a foundation member of the National Council for Law Reporting. He also served as Secretary to the Gambia Law Foundation, and the Judicial Service Commission, as well as a part-time tutor in Para-legal studies, at the Gambia Technical Training Institute, GTTI.

He was a stipendiary Magistrate, Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court, and of the High Court of The Gambia, from 1994 to 2001. He practiced law in the Gambia, as Senior Partner, with Temple Legal Practitioners, TLP, from 2002 to 2005. He joined the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, in Tanzania, in 2005. He is married to Madame Fatou Marenah - Jammeh, and they have three children.

(2011, paperback, 278 pages)

The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010 (PDF ebook)
The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010 (PDF ebook)

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The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010 [ePub]
The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010 [ePub]

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The Constitutional Law of the Gambia 1965-2010 [Kindle Edition]

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