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Character Pro 4

Character Pro 4 develops your characters by showing you what makes them tick. Using The Enneagram, a proven psychological system for understanding human behavior, Character Pro creates a “Character Spine” by assessing each part of your character’s behavioral traits.


Fiction Master

FictionMaster is for the more advanced writer. It provides focused and practical techniques for character and plot development the writer will find in no other course or program. It is especially valuable for writers who already have drafts of material they want to improve for publication.


FirstAid For Writers

As the old saying goes, ‘…a pound of cure’ pretty much describes FirstAid for Writers, an online intensive care unit for writers. With over 60 prescriptions, FirstAid shows you how to revive your work, jump start inspiration, strengthen any story, give your writing literary resonance, improve originality, and plow through problems.


Writer's Blocks

“In my opinion one of the greatest tools screenwriters can use to organize their ideas, acts, story points, gags, sequences, characters, backstory, et cetera, is the humble file card. Writers Blocks has electrified the file card.” - Jim Thomas, Producer/Co-Writer Executive Decision, Predator


Super Submission Package

Did you know there are over 8,000 editors hoping you will help them fill the pages of their magazines with well-written stories and articles? The Writers Market lists them all. But how to keep track of your submission activities once you get rolling? Power Tracker software is the gem you are looking for to organize you.

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