Collection of Poetry

Collection of Poetry
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Collection of Poetry
by Carol Harter

The book, Collection of Poetry, is a book of inspiration. The intent of the author is to encourage and inspire an awareness of God in one’s daily life, whether it be how He cares for them or how His love is conveyed to them, both revealing Himself in nature and individually.

Over the course of many years the author has written out of her own experience with God; her poetry expressing the many emotions that can come from seeking to know God in a deeper, richer way.

Whether the reader has a vital relationship with God or whether they are seeking consolation through poetry about God, Collection of Poetry can lead one into more of an awareness of how much He truly cares for each individual life.

About the Author

Author Carol Harter began writing poetry as a child and her inspiration to write has continued through adulthood.

Carol grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and as a child often struggled with questions of faith. Through much soul-searching and questioning she came to believe that God does care and that through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, one can have life eternal in the heavens. Many of her poems reflect struggles related to faith, but also the assurance that God is by her side through the challenges of life.

After retiring in 2008, Carol has discovered the joy of gardening. She also enjoys reading and traveling and is actively involved in Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California.

Written within her book is a poem specifically about her husband of 48 years, a poem dedicated to her two sons, and one to her grandson. All four of the men in her life have been a source of joy and inspiration. It is to them, as well as to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of her faith, that she dedicates this book.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)

Collection of Poetry (PDF ebook)
Collection of Poetry (PDF ebook)

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