Collection of Short Stories

Collection of Short Stories
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Collection of Short Stories
by O. Subramanian

O. Subramanian’s Collection of Short Stories is the “extraordinary memoir of an ordinary man.” It includes 80 short stories, which explore the cultures of Iran and India and the undercurrent of humanity running through them.

In these tales, the author encounters all kinds of people: rotten, foolish, brilliant, cunning, and naïve. There are also brushes with nature, canines, ferocious seas, and sub-zero temperatures, all described with dash of impish humor and subtle satire on human character.

About the Author

O. Subramanian is a native of the South Indian Petty Village in the district of Salem. He studied government and underwent a few years of industrial training in a government-training institute. His career has taken him from south to north India and also to the Gulf country.

He currently lives in Salem City with his wife, son, and daughter. He is working as a technician at Sona College of Technology, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.

(2010, paperback, 270 pages)


Collection of Short Stories (e-book)
Collection of Short Stories (e-book)

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