Collection of Short Stories

Collection of Short Stories
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Collection of Short Stories
by Jacinta M. Lawson

This book is a collection of short stories.

In three of the stories, “Sixtory”, “Weartret”, and “My building”, the main characters go through life diagnosed with a mental illness.

In “Sixtory “, the main character’s mental illnesses cause her to attempt suicide. Then after her failed attempt to commit suicide, she is compelled to overwork herself, which causes her to make ill-conceived decisions with powerful consequences.

In “Weartret”, the main character, a mentally ill alien, tries to make it in the society that their human captors have made for their race. At one point in her life she is sent to a prison for the criminally insane where she meets up with some ruthless aliens.

In “My building”, the main character describes all the different people in her building and her interactions with them.

In “Quiet”, the main character has a special problem with her neighbor and weird tribulations develop when she makes an effort to address the problem.

In Rastr, the aliens come to earth in need of resources.

Then there are six poems, “How to drive.”, ” Cigarettes.” “How to eat.”,” The Stock Market.”, “Time”, and “F(X) = 3X2+4X+1”

About the Author

My mother died when I was three. My aunt raised me until I was ten, after which I came to the U.S.A. and lived with my father and stepmother until I was about eighteen. I worked while I went to Herbert H. Lehman College for undergraduate studies and graduate studies. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and some graduate credits. I have worked for a living, lived the life of a true Christian, worked in church, babysat, and have been writing most of my life.

One day someone encouraged me to write a children’s book. I was immediately inspired because I love children so much. I am currently trying to get this book called, “A Children’s Book” published. Not too soon after I wrote the children’s book, I began to write some short stories and decided to try to get those published too.

I dedicate this book to the healthcare industry, my family, the S.D.A. church, and God without whom I would not have been so successful.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)


Collection of Short Stories (PDF ebook)
Collection of Short Stories (PDF ebook)

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