Contemporary Poetry

Contemporary Poetry
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Contemporary Poetry: Light Reading Material
by Sushila Nair

Contemporary Poetry: Light Reading Material, as the name implicates, is a pleasurable read for people who appreciate poetry in a light form. Every poem is written in simple English and rhyme form that can be read and enjoyed by the young and old in any part of the world. Every person in this book is a reflection of the poet’s personal and emotional involvement with people, perception of situations and appreciation of nature.

Poetry phrases found in this book are:

“As the rings exchange on your fingers, memory of your first meeting lingers”Poem: Wedding Wows

“We watched with envious sighs, the beauty of the golden bride”

Poem: Full Moon

“Bright are the days that await you, along life’s path chosen for few”

Poem: Faith in Life

“Toiled and troubled over the years, he slogged with his soul mate in tear”

Poem: Ode to a Loving Father

About the Author

Sushila Nair a Singaporean is born in a family of seven children. Sushila is married to her childhood sweetheart, Reku and has two lovely daughters, Tunitha and Anitha. Her elder daughter Tunitha is married to Nishan and has three wonderful children. Her younger daughter Anitha who will be completing her studies will be married to Kumaran next year. Sushila loves nature and often admires the scenery around her, be it in a garden, a family gathering, a moonlight dinner or playing with her pet dog. She takes in the situation and ponders over it, which brings her the inspiration to write a poem on the particular situation or scenery. Having a positive attitude of never giving up, she never hesitates to give a kind word of praise to her loved ones, her friends and her colleagues. Contemporary Poetry: Light Reading Material is written with the blessing of Sushila’s loving husband and her two lovely daughters. They have given her all the encouragement and support in completing the book. Sushila dedicates this book to her three wonderful grandchildren, Leshawn, Lashell and Dashnelle.

(2013, Paperback, 28 pages)


Contemporary Poetry E-Book
Contemporary Poetry E-Book

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