Cowboy Kid

Cowboy Kid
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Cowboy Kid
By R. F. Ballentine

This book was written to expose the city kid to life as a “cowboy kid” in Wyoming. The scene is in the 1940s in World War II, when even young kids had to consider the implications of war.

The primary purpose of this book is to entertain, but a secondary purpose is to show how one’s direction in life is influenced by activities undertaken very early in life. The implication is that career choices need to be made early on—probably the sooner, the better.

About the Author

The author had a forty-five-year-long career as an engineer, a manager, and a corporate executive. Critical to the preparation for a business career was the growing-up experience recounted in the book. The growing-up experience is recounted to both influence making a career choice for young boys and provide an adventure in living as a “cowboy kid” in Wyoming.

(2008, paperback, 76 pages)


Cowboy Kid (e-book)
Cowboy Kid (e-book)

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