The Creation

The Creation
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The Creation
by Timothy Williams

In every religion, there is something powerful out there that could help you in the time of trouble, giving you guidance, protection, comfort, and hope. Through studying different religions – from Christianity to Wicca – the author has found that most religions have a God or Goddess that is worshipped. People believe that they can create anything that they wish to be righteous.

Someday an event such as this can happen to the world. A powerful being is ready to take on anything that confronts it. From a small boulder to a nuclear warhead, it is not human. It doesn’t matter what you try, you will not stop it. Your best bet is to leave it alone or be on its best side, because if you don’t leave it alone, pray that it doesn’t come after you. So beware your surroundings – any time and any place this thing could show up in front of your face. If it does, it’s your choice of destiny: make the right one or deal with The Creation.

About the Author:

Timothy Williams enjoys living in the suburbs of eastern Pennsylvania. His interests are religion, martial arts, playing instruments, drawing, nature walks, reading, watching movies, and, his favorite, writing.

(2017, Paperback, 44 pages)


The Creation [EBOOK]
The Creation [EBOOK]

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