Daddy Was Wicked

Daddy Was Wicked
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Daddy Was Wicked
by Ree-Dilla

Daddy Was Wicked is a non-fictional testimony of God’s truth, love, grace, and protection bestowed upon Ree (Dilla’s childhood name) after she accepted Jesus as her savior. Jesus defeated the wicked spirits of narcissism, abuse, and all attempts made by her dad to break her Human Spirit.

God has directed Ree to write this book for the purposes of letting His other Children know that He is with you as He has been with her. Abba (Daddy) protects all of His children. Ree prays that you accept Jesus as your savior if you have not already done so. May God’s blessing always be with you. All glory to God!!!

About the Author:

Ree’s greatest joys are praying and learning about God. She loves to fellowship with and sing to God while playing the piano. A practicing piano player, she enjoys learning to play Christian music only. Her other artistic endeavors include sketching, painting, and writing Christian music.

(2017, Paperback, 36 pages)

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Daddy Was Wicked [EBOOK]
Daddy Was Wicked [EBOOK]

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