Daughter of Aaron: Part One Fear

Daughter of Aaron: Part One Fear
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Daughter of Aaron: Part One Fear
by Joel Vernon Smith

When Eddie Sand was given a medical discharge from the Army, he spent the next sixteen years in a Detroit suburb. By 1984, when he had just turned thirty-nine, Eddie was fully aware that the demons from Vietnam wouldn’t depart from him.

One night in October, a flamboyant man steps into Eddie’s life. Leonard Parks is wealthy, he says, because of his inborn writing talents. He asks Eddie to accompany him to a special project in Grand Traverse County, Michigan, promising him a huge paycheck.

The older citizens in Grand Traverse County are in continual disagreement: some say that Elsie DuJack died in a drowning accident during the summer of 1911 when she was only seven years old. Others say that the parents kept their feeble-minded daughter hidden until 1967. A third group argues that a thoroughly haunted and lonely Elsie is still alive at age eighty in 1984, though she had always been incredibly elusive.

The two men will spend a night in the home. The motive: to lure the old woman from the shadows.

About the Author:

Many years ago, Joel Vernon Smith began imagining the tale of an elderly woman who is rumored to still reside within the family home – long after other family members are dead. Following his own 70th birthday, Smith decided it was high time to set upon the task of describing a lonely, haunted and strangely talented feminine soul. The fictional house in a northern Michigan swamp was not a place where he really wanted to go. But once the work was underway, the author himself needed to learn if an imaginary Elsie DuJack was still there – and still alive.

(2017, Paperback, 412 pages)


Daughter of Aaron: Part One Fear (e-book)
Daughter of Aaron: Part One Fear (e-book)

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