The Deer and the Naturalist: Dreamwork and the Soul's Journey

The Deer and the Naturalist: Dreamwork and the Soul's Journey
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The Deer and the Naturalist: Dreamwork and the Soul’s Journey
by Mary Edwards

In 1982 nightmares saved Mary Edwards, a wife and mother who had been sliding into alcoholism to avoid the grief work that she seriously needed to do.

The Deer and the Naturalist is Mary's remarkable story of her life's spiritual journey as she began to understand how dreams are a valuable guide to our life's path. Working with dreams became a form of prayer and meditation that improved her conscious contact with God and for the knowledge of God's will for her and the power to carry that out.

Mary has been forever changed by her recovery and her understanding of her purpose on earth, her awareness of that deep wisdom within that comes from dreams and their connection to one's Higher Power.

The reader of this book will be given many tools for working with their dreams during times of transition. It will help you fully understand the language of that inner voice that comes through dreams, from one's true self and that voice of God from within.

No matter what brokenness we all experience, once we surrender to that wise voice within, we find healing for ourselves, and the gift to help others.

About the Author:

Mary Edwards has an M.A. degree in Nursing from the University of Iowa and worked as a cardiac nurse for a number of years before she got a second M.S.Ed. in counseling at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and became a mental health counselor. Since retiring from counseling she has received certification in spiritual direction and continues to see directees and to also give dream workshops.

Mary has studied dreams for the past twenty years and incorporates dreamwork with her clients. It is her strong passion to help others realize the significance of dreams for their health and wholeness.

Mary and her husband now live near Madison, Wisconsin.

(2016, Paperback, 160 pages)


The Deer and the Naturalist: Dreamwork and the Soul's Journey (e-book)
The Deer and the Naturalist: Dreamwork and the Soul's Journey (e-book)

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