Disguised by Darkness

Disguised by Darkness
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Disguised by Darkness
by Belle Rasmussen

Life for poor student nurses wasnít easy during the Depression, so Kirsten Christensen found a Christmas vacation job as a housekeeper for Neil Larsen, an attractive businessman who was never seen in the daytime. She worried that he might be a bootlegger, but these fears were forgotten in terror when she saw his business partner drinking blood from her friend Marcia. Still, what could a girl in love do? Marrying a vampire was frightening, but Neilís bootlegging activities were her downfall.

About the Author

Belle Rasmussen has worked in education, nursing, and retail, besides caring for her family and earning an MA in Medieval History. She has completed one published history book and several novels. Her mother and grandmother were nurses from the 1920s to the 1970s.

(2014, Paperback, 236 pages)


Disguised by Darkness [E-Book]
Disguised by Darkness [E-Book]

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