Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can

Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can
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Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can
By Don Strachan

The author of Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can, Dyslexia with Creativity, First Step, To Bully or Not to Bully, Our Economic Stimulus Plan, and a former musician/teacher, Don Strachan Ph.D., has written these mini-booklets to motivate teachers, students, and their parents. The booklets are stimulants to build positive attitudes for many diverse cultures.

The mini-booklet Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can has a light poetic message for elementary students (second-sixth grades) who may be having learning problems.

The title of each poem, along with every word, would be fun role-playing to help build the necessary confidence of each student. With the teacher’s creativity and guidance, the student will be able to become a creative agent in a culture of their own. The illustrations of each poem will also serve as distractions for more creativity (magic). Remember the beginning of the booklet – “Are you thinking?”

If the class is all ESE, then the teachers must be very consistent with method and style (“Learning is Fun”). This will cause less stress for teacher and student. This booklet should create a quality learning experience for each student. This booklet will be a winner for students who are having problems with understanding English (role-playing short poetic expressions).

Because of a large and diverse immigrant population (Hispanic, Asian, Haitian, etc.) the simplicity of the learning styles has produced success for students and families and is a strong distraction from the economic crisis.

P.S., Remember Learning is Fun.

(2013, paperback , 30 pages)


Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can (eBook)
Dreams Do Come True-Yes We Can (eBook)

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