The Eighth Nature

The Eighth Nature
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The Eighth Nature
by P.W. Miles

Hermia Tryst is brave, beautiful, determined, and doesn't know what she wants. An early trauma leaves her sour on men but that is only the start of her troubles. Clever, lazy, Paul Madden has got a problem too. When it comes to girls he isn't even in the frame. Their bizarre love story will spin off in myriad directions, its inspirations ranging from a Babylonian clay tablet to the films of Russ Meyer, until a window opens on the very 'stuff of dreams'. Destiny, with a little help from Paul, will mold Hermia to a Goddess re-born; but the consequences prove as unwelcome for her as for him.

Offering a full measure of intellectual stimulation as well as of entertainment, The Eighth Nature is a wide-ranging, ultimately serious fable on issues of gender and human psychology. Providing added depth to the reader experience, the book is presented as a study text incorporating extensive, genuine background information and interpretation. A clear writing style, crisp dialog and a varied, fast-paced narrative will give The Eighth Nature immediate shelf appeal.

Though sexual themes are handled light-heartedly, the reader should be prepared to encounter explicit descriptions as well as some profanity.

About the Author

British writer P. W. Miles holds a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University and lives in a small town in the English county of Hertfordshire. His career has ranged from electronic engineering to college math teaching. The outrageous Eighth Nature is born of Miles’s lifelong love of literature and history. At once irreverent and erudite, earthy and arcane, this extraordinary novel is a highly original ‘take’ on the human experience and the wellsprings of artistic creativity, leavened by humor and a touching love story.

SPOOF ALERT! This RoseDog critical edition, first in a series of one, incorporates material from the authoritative “Hermipedia” article about the novel which was prepared with the co-operation of the author.

BRITISH UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT! The Eighth Nature takes a matter-of-fact approach to sexual affairs. Though good-hearted and written with affection toward its characters, it is not recommended reading for maiden aunts.

(2012, paperback, 232 pages)


The Eighth Nature (PDF ebook)
The Eighth Nature (PDF ebook)

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The Eighth Nature [Kindle Edition]
The Eighth Nature [ePub]
The Eighth Nature [ePub]

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